Match Report Amsterdam 4 – AMVJ 1

Amsterdam 4 – AMVJ 1   5-5

Equal teams as we are only 2 points ahead of Amsterdam. Haneef started slow and very defensive against Milan (in my opinion the best of the three) but won 0-3. And later on he was playing more agressively and used his FH topspin more and more and won all 3 matches, giving only 2 games away. Luca was not at his best but he won one in four, one in five, in very lively games, but lost sadly against Milan in three as nearly all he wanted to do did not work.  But in total 2 matches is rather good. Vikraanth with his play met three opponents who had no problem with his drives (contra), however against Elad he lost in five. Here he was close to a winner. The double with Haneef/Luca against Milan/Elad did not go so well. All in all, a draw was the highest possible.