Match Report – Stedebroec 2 – AMVJ 1

Stedebroec 2 – AMVJ 1 – Saturday 05-02-2022

Result: 4 -6

At last the first competition match away against Stedebroec 2 – however Haneef had tested positive for Corona (Covid) and luckily Luca was able to take over after he visited the dentist.

The first match in the 3rd class and we did not know what was going to happen.

Luca started very slow and needed time to accommodate, but he won all his 3 matches, however training on his second ball to give it more power is preferred. Instead usually he finishes on the 3rd ball.

Daniel fought for every ball and tried to attack when he could and won one and lost the other 2. The problem is that he waits too long to hit the ball and takes it at the highest point which usually makes it go over the table.

Vikraanth is always an uncertain case study as you never know how he performs, but he won 2 and lost 1. Also for him, he hits the ball too late and is not using the speed by hitting too late.

The doubles with Daniel and Luca was lost unnecessarily as Stedebroec was not good at all.

But all happy as the team won away with 4-6 in a beautiful environment. The Stedebroec hall is absolute a lust to play in.