Match Report – Stedebroec 3 – AMVJ 2

Stedebroec 3 – AMVJ 2 – Saturday 05-02-2022

Result: 3 – 7


Finally, on the 5th of February 2022, AMVJ 2 started their first match of the season against Stedebroec 3. AMVJ 2 consists of Benjamin, Ryuya and Felix. On the beautiful wooden floor of the tabletennis venue of club Stedebroec in Grootebroek they would experience a successful afternoon.


The boys all played three individual games and one doubles match. All best of five.


Felix kicked off in the first match. He played well taking his experience into account. Felix performed well on many aspects of the game, though and thus won two out of three games. Working on his spins is an aspect that should make him even more effective.


Then it was Ryuya’s turn. Ryuya tried to overpower his opponents with his energetic serve. It can be a risky strategy, though. It turned out fine in two matches, which Ryuya won. He lost one, in which he won the first two sets. Ryuya’s top spin is good – if he would use it even more it should bring him even more winners.


Benjamin also played well. He showed that he can perform under pressure. He scored many points with his backhand top spin. He often unnecessarily countered forehand balls with his backhand, though. He can make good progress on this aspect. Also Benjamin won two out of three.


By the way, all three AMVJ 2 players lost to the same player of Stedebroec 3.


Ryuya and Felix were then chosen to play the double against Stedebroec. Benjamin did the counting. They beat Stedebroec in this one with a convincing 3-0.


So, the end score was: Stedebroec 3 – AMVJ 7.


A pretty good start of the competition for this new AMVJ team. Or, as Benjamin would put it: Good Soup!